Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the purchase price of $3,500,000. Include? 

A. The price includes the land, the homes, all the buildings, and the business. Equipment included is

listed on the separate equipment sheet. All mineral rights are included. Store inventory is not included and will be sold to you at or below cost on closing day.

Q. How Fast can this transition take place?

A. If this is a cash sale, approximately 30 days. If you are financing, we would guess approximately 45 days, subject to the lender.

Q. How many people does it take to operate the campground?

A. The store is open and busy in the summer from 7 am to 9 pm. This makes 2 seven hour shifts per day - equaling 14 seven hour shifts per week. Usually 1 couple work together on the afternoon shift, 5 days per week. This leaves 4 shifts that the manager typically works. We hired an outside person


for cabin, restroom, shower, etc. cleaning to work about 4 hours per day average and 1 outside maintenance person to help with lawn mowing, week eating, etc. The pool takes very little time to operate and can be handled by the above staffing. 

In the wintertime 1 couple plus 1 other person can manage the campground. Store hours are greatly reduced in the wintertime, approximately 3-4 hours per day.

Q. Why a KOA campground?

A. There are many benefits to being part of the Campgrounds of America (KOA) family including:

  • A Proprietary Reservation System which allows owners and campers to make reservations and payments anywhere - on the internet, in person, even on their mobile device.

  • Advertising through the KOA Directory, KOA's web presence, lots of promotional material available and help for developing media advertising unique to each campground.

  • Training - New Owners receive training through a program called KOA "U", continuing training is available with KOA web seminars, KOA on-line training, newsletter, KOA Owners Association and owner support groups. These programs are designed to assist with all phases of campground management. There is also an annual convention.

Q. Why This KOA campground?

A. Each year this campground has the privilege of hosting guests from all over the world. Last year guests were hosted from all 50 states, 29 foreign countries and 10 Canadian Provinces.

We also are in a great location - On Interstate 80 and a few miles from Interstate 25.

In addition, we are in a great overnight location. We estimate that the replacement cost for this campground would be substantially over $4,000,000. if permits could be obtained for a new campground. Then it would take years to build the business up.

There are also about 4 undeveloped acres which could be used for additional sites. Proper power is already in place for that expansion.